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Using Abstracts to Loosen Up Your Creativity

above: An abstract in progress


For an artist, learning to paint abstract is a great way of teaching you how to paint bold and brave. It’s like a workout for you creatively.

Many artists struggle with abstraction but I’ve found it’s just like learning a language.

At first it doesn’t make sense and we think we will never ‘get it’.

Often we are just trying too hard.

As you learn a few basics and tips and then relax, it begins to flow.

Here’s some tips to get you started :

First select an interesting composition or design, perhaps something from nature.

Next, choose your colour selection, keep it simple but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Then, jump in and begin to explore starting with pencils, graphite and crayons making gestural lines and marks ( most of this will be under other layers of paint) and also add in some big bold shapes with paint.

Stay playful and have fun! I hope you’ll join me on my Facebook Art page and share your abstract creation ! Ciao for now,



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