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My Creative Process

Style, Techniques & Stories

I started my art journey as a Realist artist over 40 years ago.

Whoops! I’m giving away my age there!

But realism left me feeling stifled. I wanted to break free and express what I really saw and felt in my heart.

I ‘see’ art in everything. Naturally occurring abstract line, patterns and shapes in nature fascinate me.

Art brought healing

In 2001 as I turned 40, and what I expected to be the best year of my life turned out to be the

worst. It was the year I went through massive burnout.

It was during this bleak time, that art re-entered my life.

The journey begins...

A flame ignited in my heart and I KNEW I was called to be an artist and that it had a place in healing my own life. The journey began slowly but what followed was nine years of training and developing my craft.

I connected with nature; the colours, textures,'s heartbeat and this became  reflected in my artworks and this helped bring healing in my own life.

I paint to inspire others to see beauty, joy in nature and the peace it brings.

It is a beautiful thing that I am privileged to be a part of.

International Achievements

I began exhibiting in 2002 but internationally, not until 2010 in Italy.

Before this I spent 7 years consistently working online developing an international network. This eventually led to my being accepted at the prestigious Salon d'Automne in Paris in 2011, where my work also sold.

After this I was nominated for a bronze medal diploma with the Society of Arts, Sciences & Letters in Paris, which I received in 2012 then a second Pewter medal in 2014.

The ASL awards, not only artists but also musicians, writers, scientists & doctors internationally who are excelling in their field. It is a recognition for the years of hard work and passion that it takes in all of these professions.

Since then I have also been awarded several other medals from European societies which are listed on my CV page 

My international work has been a very exciting part of my art career and I look forward to more adventures overseas in the future.

How much does Emotion play in my Artworks?

I am often moved by emotions when I look at the natural world...


I mean, who hasn’t been stirred by the crashing of a wave on white sand, or felt a sense of peace as they gaze out over the azure blue of the ocean to the horizon?

Have you ever looked at a beautiful bloom in your garden or the iridescent colours on the wing of a butterfly and felt a sense of gratitude or thankfulness? Me too!

This is why I paint, and it’s why I chose mixed media using my style of expressionism and abstract art.!

What is Mixed Media?

Mixed media involves using different types of paints, inks, watercolours in the one painting. It can even include pencils, pastels, charcoal to name but a few.

I use many types of specialized mixed media techniques.

 Each of these can be used to create a different ‘look’ or texture and this means that there is a certain amount of variety in my works.

It also means that this is what makes my artwork unique!

Is Expressionism and Abstract Art Easy?

No, it’s actually very challenging! Let me explain….I liken it to closing your physical eyes so that you can better see with your heart. It takes courage and involves lots of problem solving.

Both of these are difficult styles requiring a sound knowledge and understanding of design and composition.

It’s not about thoughtlessly throwing paint onto a canvas as some may think.

It takes vision, planning of design and a good measure of courage . Design incorporates many things such as, balance, harmony, variety and much more.

Good design and composition are like the skeleton of a good painting…..without it, it just won’t stand up.

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