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Capturing the Emotion

Here’s one of my WIPs, short for Works in Progress.

I have several on the go as I always work on more than one painting at a time.

This one’s a biggie, 183 x 92cm (72x36”) canvas and believe me, it’s fun trying to manoeuvre it around my small Atelier.

Consequently, I ended up outside on the back lawn.

The very 1st layer consisted of loads of Mark making with crayons, Caran d’Arche, graphite and Polychrome pencil and Sennelier oil pastels. This creates movement on the surface and gives me a starting point.

I posted this as a video on my Facebook and Instagram pages if you want to take a peak.

Next layer, out on the lawn scraping, dragging , pouring paint.

The next day I’m out there again but without brushes. Hands only.

I love to really get in touch with the canvas particular if it’s a very emotive piece. Sometimes it’s the only way to transpose that emotion into the canvas.

There’s still more work to do on this painting and for those of you that know my painting style, I never like to be too predictable 😁

Hopefully this will be exhibited at my Wild Indigo Sea opening on November 7.

Stay tuned!

Ciao for now,



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