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Synesthesia - Painting Colour in Music.

Above: Colour Melodies 1

A New Series

I’ve been exploring the emotional impact of music on the senses and how it can influence and inspire the creation of intuitive Abstract Expressionistic paintings.

I’ve found a new sense of freedom in my work!

Above: Colour Melodies 2

While I’m not gifted with Synesthesia (the ability to see music or sounds as colours) I‘m working on developing my sensitivity to see music in an intuitive way and translate that on to canvas.

After all, when a person loses their sight, their hearing becomes far more acute. In fact all of their senses become heightened.

So, why not develop the connections between audio and visual senses?

I feel like I’m on the threshold and I’m open to exploring this further and sharing it with you, my readers and fellow art lovers.

Spending time listening to music (I use wireless headphones so I’m not distracted by other noises) and taking note of what colours and images come into my mind is an enjoyable experience.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on this and be the first to see new art and other studio news, please join my VIP email list to receive the Atelier News , it’s free!

Ciao for now,



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