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Client Testimonials

"I am the proud owner of 2 of Olivia’s pieces and definitely intend to add to my collection. Her work is stunning, every piece has a different story to tell. I own other art, but nothing else invokes the same level of emotion and connection. Olivia has a truly amazing gift."

Claire E.

Brisbane, Queensland

"Olivia is an amazing artist who has such sensitivity for expressing her inner feelings and thoughts. Her love of the sea and wild landscapes is exceptionally transcribed in her unique way."

Ann D.

Paris, France

"I fell in love with Olivia's work as soon as I first saw it online. The colours and texture are stunning and every painting tells its own story.

Having now met Olivia and viewed her works in person I'm even more inspired. She is a passionate artist who connects with the beauty around her in a most spectacular way.

I am the proud owner of two pieces so far and I can't wait to add to my collection!"

Claire K.


"I was fortunate enough to acquire one of Olivia's pieces that spoke to me personally. In it, I saw my own struggles and triumphs, and it continues to inspire me years later each time I see it.


There is a kind of ethereal light in her work that shines through no matter the subject or colors; this light comes from an emotional place rather than a coloristic or compositional effect.


I believe this is the reason it emanates from all of her work: because her creativity and artistic passion radiates from herself."

Elaine A.


"I have bought several pieces from Olivia over the years and I love them! Each piece is exquisite and has a special place in my home.” 

Amy W.


"Olivia's paintings are so wonderfully attractive and captivating.

She paints in the most vivid colours and interesting abstract forms which perfectly describe her subject and match the beautiful colours and shapes of nature so well.

It is a joy to live with her work and wake up to admire each morning."

Ron D.


 "I purchased a few works from Olivia around a decade ago and cherish looking at them everyday. There is always something new to see in each piece."

Ruth G.

Derbyshire, UK

  " I've been a great admirer of Olivia's work since I first saw her work 8 years ago, and I'm the proud owner her one of her beautiful paintings I've visited her studio in Oak Flats numerous times, and would have bought more of her exquisite artworks if I had had the means."

Saras S.


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Professional Reviews.

"I have the pleasure to work with Olivia Alexander since two years, since she joined a show I curated. I was fascinated by her refined and vibrant art research where the combination of spaces, textures, forms and colours create such an intense and emotional results able to bring the viewer’s eye behind the physical limits of her canvases.


 I reckon her art brings new and creative stimulations among the talented group of international artists I work with; Olivia’s works reveal their emotional effects through the delicate but also bright colours, through the different effects of forms, the textures, the pictorial matter, the magnetic energy from the pictorial sign which spring from the canvas.


Besides being a fine artist, Olivia Alexander is a smart, communicative and open-minded person that makes working with her also a pleasure on the personal aspect.


 I’m proud to work with her and to represent her and I hope this professional relationship will last very long and she can join future events and exhibitions I’m going to curate."

Paolo Trevisan, FERRARA, ITALY

"It has been a great journey to work with Olivia regarding a couple of our online auction events during last year.


She is incredibly gifted and well-established and has profound knowledge as well as consummate skills as an abstract painter.


Her works are majorly Organic Contemporary Art inspired by Australian nature scenery. Her unique style has a high aesthetic standard, and is breathtakingly beautiful and extraordinarily creative.

After we met up in Singapore,I was even more impressed with her nice personality and she is always open to share her art creating experiences with people.


All in all, she has my highest recommendation as a professional artist for any type of fine art related project or collaboration."


"Olivia Alexander is an internationally acclaimed mixed media artist.
She creates fine, abstract mixed media artworks with nature and the environment as a central theme. 

I have experienced Olivia's highly professional way of working for clients and would thoroughly recommend her to any future clients without hesitation."

J. Parkes - Artist, AUSTRALIA

"Olivia was the most creative person I have ever worked with.Her work is meaningful and speaks to many.

Colour is at the heart of her work the use of which conveys emotion.

I would recommend any one to collaborate with Olivia as her generous nature allows for free flowing discussions with amazing outcomes."

Ruth Gray Images - UNITED KINGDOM

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