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Slowing the Ordinary, to see the Extraordinary

How many things do we do in our day, week or life without even noticing the extraordinary beauty in those things?

It might be your daily walk, commute to work, a person in your life, anything really. Today I was challenged to take my usual river bushwalk but at a much slower pace and with new eyes, as if I had never seen it before.

Here‘s a few snapshots, some I’ve added filters to help me highlight details.

Even as I was taking snapshots of these wild flowers I miss a massive Grey Kangaroo observing me not too far away. Only when he took flight did I notice him.

Above: a leaf suspended in a spider web right across the path, ready to embrace an unsuspecting walker :)

Perhaps these will become thumbnail drawings in my sketch book for ideas for abstract paintings. Its a fun exercise that i can recommend. Ciao for now,



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