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If you live on the Gold Coast  you are welcome to visit my Art Studio or we can bring a selection of art to your home for you to view 'in situ'.

By setting up the art in different situations and rooms you will gain a clearer vision of which artworks are best for you and your home.

This is a FREE service and bookings are required for both Studio visits or in-home showings.

Contact us today to book a time! 



If you live on the Gold Coast and need help with installation of the artwork you have purchased from my Gallery we can help.

My handyman husband Ian and I will bring the artwork to your home and install it for you. 

There is a hourly charge for this extra service and we can discuss options at the time of artwork purchase. 

Art Gallery


To frame or not to frame?

Not all artworks need to be framed particularly the ones on canvas, but when they do, the right frame is essential.

After purchasing Olivia Alexander artworks, I can help you by offering suggestions on how to select the best frames, as well as tips on lighting if needed. 

Art Gallery