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On Prime TV!

Above: 2007, A Prime TV interview myself and artists, Ruth Gray and Kylie Maguire did for our Stage 4 exhibition. Our inspiration was to raise awareness for the drought stricken farmers.

Art Can Heal
My Channel

My Channel

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Above: A little about how art played a role in healing in my life and why art for me needs to be a thing of beauty.

Oceans of Oz in Paris

Above: 'Oceans of Oz', @ Galerie Art et Miss, Paris. Dec 2015 Olivia Alexander (Australia)  & Ann Dunbar (France) Promo video.

My Paris!

Above: Some shots of my fav city- Paris! December 2015 only two weeks after the terrorists attacks there. The Champs Elysees is only just coming back to life. 

What a beautiful place!

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