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If I was a landscape, what would I be?

“I am Ocean. 

Flowing, ebbing, journeying.  

The rhythm is my heartbeat. 

The colours of my soul are turquoise, teal and cobalt blue. 

Sunlight bounces off the surface of my heart, glinting like diamonds. 

I am alive! 

Constantly moving within, energised yet still all at once. 

Changing, growing, but the same. 

I flow and move across the earth’s surface, cleansing the grains of gold. 

I wash over; cooling, refreshing, reviving, restoring. 

I cannot be contained. 

I have a life of my own.

The great ocean...majestic, wild, free! 

I am the earth’s heartbeat..

I am Ocean”

By Olivia Alexander ©️2020

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Thanks for reading!

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