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How to Easily Find Abstract Painting Ideas in Nature

Finding art designs in nature can be a rewarding and inspiring experience for artists and designers.

Here are some tips:

Nature offers a plethora of visual elements such as rocks, lines, colors, and textures that can be incorporated into creative compositions.

When searching for art designs in nature, it is important to observe the natural environment with a keen eye. Look closely at the various shapes and patterns found in rocks, leaves, or even the bark of trees. These organic forms often provide interesting inspiration for design compositions.

Lines are another crucial element to consider when seeking art designs in nature.

Pay attention to the lines created by tree branches, winding paths, or flowing water. These natural lines can add movement and dynamism to your artwork.

Rock formations are a great source of inspiration too.

You can sketch freehand form nature or use your photos in iPad apps like Procreate to give you some ideas.

Colors found in nature are diverse and vibrant.

Take note of the hues present in flowers, sunsets, or even different seasons. Incorporating these colors into your designs can evoke specific moods or emotions.

Allow nature to give you ideas for your paint palette. Keep it simple and practice mixing other colours from a basic nature inspired palette. Include white and black on your palette and mix various tints and darker tones.

And don't forget a range of greys. Greys really help balance out the colour and make them 'pop' when placed side by side in a painting.

An extra tip: when mixing your greys, make extra as it's nearly impossible to exactly mix that grey again if you run out!

Texture is also an essential aspect of finding art designs in nature.

To find art designs in nature effectively, it is crucial to immerse yourself fully in your surroundings. Take time to explore different environments such as forests, mountainsides, or coastal areas where you can encounter a wide range of design possibilities.

Whether it's the rough bark of a tree or the smooth surface of a lake, textures found in nature offer endless possibilities for creating interesting visual effects. Artists can experiment with different techniques and materials to recreate these textures in their artwork.

This is all part of successful elements of design. Textures like smooth beside rough create variety and balance in a painting.

Remember that finding inspiration from nature does not mean replicating it exactly; instead, use its elements as a starting point for your own unique creations.

By observing design principles within natural landscapes and incorporating them into your work with creativity and imagination, you can create visually stunning pieces that resonate with both viewers and yourself as an artist or designer.

So it's time to grab your camera or iPhone along with a visual diary and a few art materials and head out into nature.

You'll be amazed at what you find!

Happy creating!


2 comentarios

Anita Cordell
Anita Cordell
07 dic 2023

Very helpful tips Livvy😊

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks Anita , glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Me gusta
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