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Snippets of My Process pt 2

Continuing on from my last blog and sharing a little bit more with you. 

So here’s that loose canvas I showed you earlier with it’s first few layers of acrylic and inks applied. I set this easel up outside as I was going to video myself using the Liquitex sprays so you could see that part of the process on these big canvases. Wouldn’t you know it, the blasted spray nozzles clogged up and started spluttering and coughing blobs of paint everywhere 🤨 So to make a long story short, the video didn’t happen ...yet. 😉 

You can see here how the colours have mixed in areas but I need to take out large areas of this colour to create some focal points or point. 

That’s what the spray tins were meant to do. There great for covering large areas quickly with brush strokes. 

I’ve found the Liquitex sprays a constant frustration and have thrown out many of them. I hope their new product is a lot better. 

Anyway I’ll be back to doing it with the old fadhioned way with a mouth diffuser. 

That’ll be fun lol! 

Stay tuned for that one a bit later

Ciao for now 

LIV :-) 

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