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On Being Unpredictable

One thing I've never wanted to be in my creation of art is 'predictable'.

The artist's life is a journey of discovery, learning, challenge, excitement and fulfilment.


Above: 'Freefall' 60x30cm mixed media and collage on canvas. OEA

When it begins to get boring then that is a signal to me that I'm no longer taking risks with my art making.

You know, we start off in the art world with excitement as we discover paint, materials and how to create art. As the years go on (yes, you heard right, years....there are no shortcuts! lol) , we develop our own style and techniques.

Next comes exhibiting and looking for galleries to represent us. That's when things can start to change.

We get told we must create a body of work that represents our style. We can be criticised when we step outside that style to explore new ideas and thoughts.

We get told we can't, shouldn't, mustn't. We get given the 'rules'.

I understand that as a represented artist we need to have a individual style that we become recognised for. It is difficult for galleries to market an artist's work if they don't have this.

But we must always be exploring new thought and ideas, taking risks with our art creation.

Above: 'Solace' 56x76cm mixed media in paper. OEA. Sold to a US collector

A compliment that I have often received from followers of my work is that they love my variation of work. Only once was this said to me as a criticism.

I don't want to ever become an artist who pumps out the same art year after year. I don't want to become predictable because for me that may be a sign that I've stopped being challenged.

For me life and art are about growth......

It is about having freedom to explore. It's about the journey of self discovery through art.

Are you an artist? How do you feel about this? How do you take risks with your art creating?

Thanks for reading!

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