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What's on the Easel?

Most of you will know that I'm in the middle of selling our house, buying another in Queensland and relocating up there, a journey to a new state of 1100 kms. It's been a huge, crazy few months but like most artists, I've turned all the stress and emotion into my art and creating it.

Moving Places by Olivia Alexander

I've always been passionate about abstract art and expressionism and often feel drawn back to working in that way. I thought I would begin to explore the idea of journeys, moving places, finding a home and see where the abstract thoughts might take me.

In this piece I concentrated on making marks and actually, NOT concentrating. What I mean by that is that I really wanted to work on a more subconscious level and tap into intuitive thoughts.

It can be surprising what we may hear if we stop and listen to our heart long enough.

I found that as I painted this piece, all the stress and uncertainty came out on to the paper.

I built up many layers of different materials. Since finishing the main piece I have cut it into four pieces of 14x11". I will work on them individually but I really want to keep the loose and intuitive marks.

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