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Secrets of the Tidal Pools 1
  • Secrets of the Tidal Pools 1


    Multi layers of mixed media including inks and watercolours in Azure and turquoise blue. Subtle highlights of gold reflections inspired by miniature worlds within the tidal pools.

    Sections of double 23 kt gold leaf set off the earthy colours of organic mineral pigments; hand collected ochre from Australia’s coastlines.

    Hidden gems of polished abalone from the seas of Australia create a mystique


    A limited series of 11 originals on 300gsm watercolour paper, with a soft, hand torn edge.

    Approx. 11x14” or 28x35cm unframed.

    Frame measures:

    This piece is professionally framed in oak wood.. The painting has a soft, hand torn edge and is floated in the frame under UV safe , non-reflective glass.

    NB Due to the glass in the frame this piece can’t be shipped overseas.

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