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Women Artists You May Not Know - LEE KRASNER

Lee Krasner was born in 1908 and she is one of the most important artists to come out of the New York movement of Abstract Expressionism. 

Krasner married Jackson Pollock in 1945 and although his name is synonymous with Abstract Expressionism, we don’t hear as much of Krasner and yet it seems they influenced each other’s styles and creative ideas. 

So many female artists were and still are overshadowed by their male counterparts and I think that Krasner is definitely worth a closer look. 

What I like about Lee Krasner is her styles and techniques changed during the years. 

She was constantly exploring ideas and during times of turmoil she worked through it by putting more energy into her art.

In 1951,  Kransner began creating her own technique by tearing up previous artworks and using them in collage with paint to create new work. 

Something many of us artists do today; using old paintings as collage. 

Although Jackson Pollock died in 1956 in a car accident,  Krasner lived till 1984 and saw many major retrospective gallery and museum exhibitions of her work. 

I couldn’t find copyright free images of Krasner’s work to use in my blog but you can see her work on these sites:


Wikipedia - Lee Krasner. 


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