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Refill the Creative Well by Taking a Personal Art Retreat

I’m on a personal Art Retreat!

For the next few months I’m not painting artworks, I’m just refilling the creative well.

This involves;

  • going to places & coastlines that inspire me.

  • Collecting photos of interesting shapes, colours & rhythms in nature.

  • Enjoying the art of other artists that I admire.

  • Reading art books

  • Writing in a daily journal

  • Bush and beach walks, exploring the boat harbour

  • Discovering a fresh sense of ‘WONDER’!


Olivia in the studio exploring colour ideas in a sketchbook
Above:In the studio playing with an sketchbook.

The aim is to come back refreshed, ready for my solo exhibition mid November & with a renewed joy in my art business & creating works inspired by my passion; the coastal landscapes of Australia.

To be honest, the past few years have been hard going & several times I thought of quitting art altogether.

But anyone who knows me knows I’m not a quitter.

Just recently I needed emergency surgery while interstate. Thankfully I’m recovering but it made me think about what’s important.

Enjoying life, my family & doing what fills the soul with joy came up top of the list.

I can’t create art focusing on what will sell. I have to create what brings me joy and fills me with life!

As a professional artist , there is always the pressure to paint what we think will sell. We need to make an income, pay those bills, buy food and of course, more art supplies.

Creating work that sells well rather than what really fills us with passion and excitement, may not sound like a big deal but honestly, I find it creatively stifling.

And so, my aim is to once again regain that sense of ‘wonder’! Exploring the natural world in abstract, experimenting with materials and ideas.

And not worrying about whether people love it or hate it.

We have to paint for ourself first!

This is a bit of a long post but I wanted to share where I’m at.

It’s a fresh chapter & I’m going to take my time letting it unfold.

Anyone relate? Share in the comments below. ❤️

4 komentarze

Sounds like an absolutely awesome month. Enjoy and rejuvenate.

Odpowiada osobie:

Thanks Alison, I’m excited about it, who knows what I might discover!


30 sie 2022

Hi Olivia! I simply CANT paint to sell!!..I guess to me it seems pretentious, but as a result I'm not selling!! I don't try though. My paintings are my babies & I almost dont want to lose them - not sure how many people know I DO paint lolol. ..& I also believe there's no good or bad art..all too subjective. hmm writing from Sydney Australia. 0490008212 ;) Express!!

Odpowiada osobie:

Yes we just have to do what we love and follow our own creative path. It sounds like you get a lot of joy from what you do 🙂❤️

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