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In My Natural Habitat

Connecting With Nature

Yesterday I was in my element.

Talk about ‘the artist in her natural habitat’ lol! Climbing over rock pools, looking for the textures and line work in the coastal rock formations that inspire my abstract designs.

My daughter Gail and I, went on an exploration day to check out not just the beach coves on the Gold Coast, but also possible venues for an Abstract Art Workshop I want to facilitate next year.

Of course we had to check out local cafés too.

Above: That’s Surfers Paradise you can see in the distance.

Abstracts From Nature

Many of my abstract and expressionism compositions come directly from natural land formations. Sometimes it’s even the patterns that the waves make as they move and reform.

I’ve been thinking and planning a workshop about this for some time now but it’s needed to be the right time and space.

I love to teach!

I will be relocating to the Gold Coast and look forward to being near my beloved ocean again.

This will also mean being able to run more workshops and classes and teaching a lot of the knowledge I’ve gleaned over several decades of professional art practice.

Be In the Know!

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Ciao for now!



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