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How to Abstract the Landscape- part 2

So let’s continue from part one where I showed you has to use a photo of the landscape, or in this case, of a coastal beach, to create abstract shapes and a good composition.

Here is the image in Procreate below.

Beach image in procreate showing layers with limes and shapes drawn over the image
Beach image in Procreate

Referring to the Part 1 blog post, I’ve selected my acrylic colours and loosely sketched my composition in my visual diary.

For this demo I’m using 30x30cm (12x12”) bamboo paper, acrylics, brushes, scrapers, palette knife.

Loose compositional sketch onto paper taped to a board
Bamboo paper, 265gsm taped to a board

I’ve taped the paper down but as it’s not be properly wet and stretched I know it will wrinkly a little. I’m not too worried as this is a demo and I can always fix it later.

Colour palette with some acrylic colours mixed ready for painting
Mixing a few colours on the palette

I begin by mixing some colours together on the palette and loosely painting in some big shapes with a brush and palette knife.

My intention is to build up layers, scraping some back as I go.

First layers applied with rush and palette knife
First layers down

I realise, once I get started, that I should have simplified the composition more , less shapes would have made it easy on his smaller sized paper.

I continue adding layers and decide that I don’t like the green and instead cover it with Paynes Grey. It’s very dark with just a hint of blue.

I turn the painting upside down as I can feel myself getting trapped into a landscape format.

At this stage, I want to keep it loose and abstract.

More layers are added, scraping back, scratching into using the end of a brush.

Directional brushstrokes in blue add variety
Directional brushstrokes add movement

I use the brush to create direction, variety and movement and the end of the brush to scratching into the wet painting. This adds marks and lines giving more direction and texture.

Finished study of beach abstract
Finished study

I finish off by using the palette knife to cover the Paynes Grey with a mid tone grey. I sued the burnt sienna as a complimentary colour to the blue and worked into it with a chunky orange crayon.

The shapes on the horizon were to add balance and abstract the landscape a bit more.

It was an enjoyable study to paint and one that I will do again but on a large canvas.

I think I’ll also use some collage to begin with particularly around the focal point.

If you’ve any questions please leave a comment on the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading !

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Painting in situ in a blue wall
In situ


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