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Finding Gold in the Dark Times

In the mid 1890's my Great Grandfather, Alexander Morrison left the shores of bonny Aberdeen in Scotland. A pioneer, he sailed across treacherous oceans to Australia in search of gold and a new beginning.

His heart was full of hope, trepidation and I would imagine, a certain amount of fear!

Stories of my grandfather inspired my new series of Ocean Alchemy paintings.

Incorporating the colours and rhythms of the ocean, gold and using the concepts of Kintsugi, that is hope and healing, I have created this new technique featuring imitation gold leaf, layers of watercolours, inks, acrylics and ground natural pigments.

Fibres and charcoal pigments create an intriguing texture in the first layers. It has a double chromatic effect which changes with the direction of light.

I love the concept of art helping us to heal.

Whether we are a creator ourselves , or one who loves and admires the creations of artisans. Every work I create has a piece of myself in it. I always hope to uplift and inspire others through my creations.

I believe, and have found in my own life, that it's often in the darkest times I can grow the most.

We can dig for the 'gold' and find a treasure!

For me my faith and belief in a big God is my hope during these times.

Dark times are hard but some of the most beautiful things like seeds, pearls, opals nd gold are found in the dark places!

Liv X

Thanks for reading!

You can see more of my art & subscribe to The Atelier News for studio updates, exclusive offers & exhibitions at;

Awakening Light; original, mixed media on 76 x 60 x 3.5cm deep edge canvas. Beautiful multi directional colour shifts under light.

Below:section close up.


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