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Come On a Journey to the Sea

I sit on the sand near the water's edge, watching as waves crash against the shore. I love how it feels between my toes and just a hint of the taste of salt in my mouth.

It smells like dampened earth with a hint of seaweed that is surprisingly pleasant. Organic and earthy all at once.

The clouds sailing above me are fluffy and white, but they're hiding something--a storm coming ashore soon to break up its tranquility.

Being Still

Somewhere in the midst of all this beauty, I find myself.

It's like I'm on some kind of strange pilgrimage where the destination is my own self-discovery. .

And it feels so wonderful to be here on this beach. It’s like coming home. I’m revived and at the same time inspired!

The colours, rhythmic movement of the sea and the textures in the rocks and cliff areas all come together in my artist mind to form yet to be created paintings.

Painting in progress shot by Olivia Alexander
Artwork in progress

On the Easel

As you can see, the art in this blog post is akin to a stroll on the beach. It captures the feel of the ocean and takes viewers along for a journey with each piece.

You can explore all of these paintings by scrolling through our gallery or clicking here.

There are so many different colors, moods, textures, and emotions captured in this collection that you're sure to find something that resonates with you.

I’d love to hear which painting was your favorite?

Until our next stroll on the beach,

Ciao for now,

LIV. x

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