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A Seascape Being Birthed

Work In Progress....”I can feel the power of the wave as it lifts and carries me. The wind blows across the great ocean, whipping up the spray, tossing the sea birds too and fro.

Soon, calm will come.

The aquamarine sea will be still, almost silent and at rest. The clouds part once again, showing a crystal azure sky.”Olivia Alexander

Some days painting is like a wrestling match. I wish I could say that painting is easy and it just flows but unfortunately it’s not often like that.

I didn’t plan to create this work today, and it’s still in progress. It just seemed to happen, like a story that just had to be told.

It ‘morphed’ several times during the process as I battled with it.

Part of me was saying ‘just stop, it’s not working!’ Another part of me was shouting, ‘keep going, it will find it’s way’!

It’s still finding its way and I have to be patient as I wait for this painting to tell me what it wants to be and what it wants to say.


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