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I was wondering what to blog today as I’m lying here with my feet up drinking honey and lemon and feeling manky with a chest cold. (Manky is a old English word meaning ‘not good’ ) 

I thought these are interesting photos I look at the local park showing Australian Eucalyptus trees and the almost abstract patterns and colours on the trunks. It had been raining and the colours were more intense. The incredibly creative scribbles are made by a bug of some sort. One trunk has been slightly burnt out. In spring and summer here in Queensland, we get a lot of lightning strikes due to the humid tropical air and areas of bush often get a natural ‘burn off ‘ from the strikes. 

Although it looks destructive it actually brings forth new life as the old is burnt away.

Some of the Australian native plants need fire to open the seeds so new plants emerge. The Indigenous Australians knew this and did controlled burn offs thousands  of years ago. 

Before too long bright green buds appear and ferns and natives grasses rejuvenate.

So what seems like devastation can eventually be the opposite.

Maybe there’s something in that; When it feels like something is being destroyed it could be a chance for something new to begin. A rejuvenation so to speak. 

I’ve certainly experienced that in my life many times. 

Mmmm....time for another honey and lemon tea. 

Have a great week everyone.

Ciao for now 

LIV, x 

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