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The Passionate Side Of Creating

I read the above quote this week and it made me stop and ponder about my purpose and the true passion behind it.   

I work as a full time professional artist. It’s how I earn my bread and butter, my dosh, it’s how I earn a ‘crust’.

But it’s never been and never will be about the money. 

I mean, no one thinks, ‘I want to get rich....I know, I’ll become an artist!’ Believe me, no one thinks that lol.  

It’s always been about the passion of creating. The absolute joy of storytelling through paint and canvas. I am a storyteller. 

There isn’t anything better! 

What makes my heart sing is when someone looks at my paintings and tells me what THEY see in, the spirituality they feel, the hidden images that they see. 

I love it when people connect with my work and it becomes a part of their own story, I just love that! 

That’s why I create art. Full stop.

To connect to people. To show them the hidden beauty and spirituality that is around them in the beautiful creation of nature. 

I’m a business woman, an entrepreneur or an ‘artrepreneur’ as I prefer to say, but my art will always be about my passion to create a visual story and share with others. 

As someone famous once said “Photography shows the truth, but art is the higher calling”. 

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