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Snippets of My Creating Process

I thought I’d share some of my creating process...well actually this is only one of quite a few start processes I use.  

I shared some of this on my Facebook page earlier too. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: Getting ready to start the first layers on this new sheet of canvas. I build up 3-4 layers of paints initially and it can be quite heavy. To avoid putting a sag in the canvas I leave it off the stretcher bars. When the painting is in the final stages, my studio assistant will stretch and staple it to the wooden stretcher bars. 

The next step involves lots of inks and acrylic paint plus copious water spray. 

Combine this with some very fast moves to get the inks and paint across the canvas while still allowing it freedom to do its own thing..within reason of course. 

Ok so I’ll share a bit more in the next blog as I’m quite restricted to the size of blog I can write here at any one time or the amount of pics I can post. 

Ciao for now, LIV :-) 

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