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How I Used Art to Help Me Heal

How It All Started

I've been an artist since I was 15 but only discovered 'who' I was when I turned 40 in 2001. I thought that year was going to be the best, instead it was the worst year of my life.

Burnout hit me like a Mack truck and my body shut down.

I had to make major decisions about my life and future, I didn't even know what my dreams were or who I was, for that matter.

After years of living my life around what others wanted and demanded from me, I decided to follow my passion and the tiny flame of inspiration that had suddenly begun to flickered in my heart.

I still remember the first night I picked up my pencils and pad and began to draw again...I just suddenly KNEW it!

I knew art was my calling and that it had a part to play in my healing and imputing something beautiful into others too.

Art brought me to life!

​It helped me to heal, it inspired me and gave me a dream for my future, living the Artrepreneur life.​

Since 2001, I have worked full time as a professional artist, undertaking nine years of training in Fine Art, Advanced & Creative Drawing, Advanced Mixed Media, as well as Interior Design. I've worked hard to develop my craft and create my own unique style.

Traveling the world with my art

I've taken my abstract artwork around the world and have gained global recognition with nine international awards including both pewter and bronze medal diplomas from the Paris society of Arts, Sciences and Letters, a silver medal diploma from the French International Academy of Merit and in 2015, the Art Critics Award and the Rome Imperial International award from Italy.

Still the art journey continues and I look forward to sharing my art and passion with more people and more places!

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