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Visions and Dreams in 2018!

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

 Above: Gold Coast, Queensland.

As we are settling into Queensland, after our move here from NSW in June, I'm feeling very excited about 2018!

In fact, this week I've begun to create a 'vision board' for what I want to do this coming year. What artworks do I want to create? Where do I want to visit? What's my dreams for my art business, health, spiritual, finances, relationship?

It's so important to have dreams for the future as I've found that without them, we never accomplish those things. We all need targets to aim at.

What are YOUR dreams and visions for 2018? Have you ever created a vision board? 

Here are some of mine ....

I'm always inspired by the oceans and marine life so this year I plan to create some new series around that theme and have a solo exhibition of those works.

I've had some ideas bubbling away in my head for some time now and I can't wait to get back into my specialized mixed media techniques for these pieces. Acrylic, inks and watercolours with lots of layers of course. 

Over the Coral Reef by Olivia Alexander

What else is on the Art menu?

I'm one of those artists who likes to do a few different 'things' when it comes to creating artworks.

I love my mixed media ocean themed paintings but I also have a passion for creating artworks around current interior design projects and ideas.

I studied interior design some years ago so it's always 'lit my burner' and being a colourist, I am inspired an awful lot by colour around me.

Here's a few small pieces, some which were commissions, that I've painted lately.These are inspired by the lovely Scandinavian or Nordic colour palette of dusky pink, milky whites, greys and slate.

Paris in Pink by Olivia Alexander

 Above: 'Shimmer' a commission for a client.

You Make Me Sing by Olivia Alexander

Above: 'You Make Me Sing' 25x20x3cm Original

Teaching in 2018, yeh!

I'm also hoping to undertake some teaching at my new studio in 2018 once the hot Queensland summer has departed lol.

I do love to teach and get a chance to share some of the techniques I enjoy the most. It gives me a real buzz to see others get inspired and excited about creating art. There will be some workshops for complete beginners as well as some for more experienced students.

Beside some workshops at my studio, I also plan to write some new online courses. I have one almost ready to go on 'Running successful open studios'.

I have others on art techniques and colour plan too but it takes many, many hours to create so it will be a year long project.

If you're not on my list then please join my new VIP Art Lovers mailing list on this website, to get updates on all these projects, special offers and VIP only news.

Ciao for now,

Love Liv

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