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Journey- Using Abstract Art to Tell a Story

Above: 'Journey - X Marks the Spot 1' , mixed media on paper on canvas 14x11" OEAlexander ©2017

Birth of a new series

I've started working on a new abstract series titled Journey. 

My inspiration has come about through our big move interstate and all the emotions and experiences such a move creates. 

I find working in abstraction a great way to unravel thoughts and create art in a more intuitive way. 

Above: 'Journey- X Marks the Spot 2' mixed media on paper on canvas, 11x14". OEAlexander ©2017

Using Abstraction to Process Thoughts

The four pieces,  'Journey- X Marks the Spot 1-4' were started before we actually moved. We were still in the decision stage and I remember the turmoil I felt as we were trying to work out what was the right thing to do. 

Where Do I Belong? 

We spent hours pouring over maps and realestate sites, looking at houses and towns and wondering, 'where will we belong?'

Placing crosses here and there. 

As we worked through these things and eventually found a new home and studio I was finally able to place a X cross into each work. 

Can you see it?

I found that creating these pieces in an intuitive abstract style really helped me to process those feelings and emotions. 

I resisted the temptation to overwork these pieces. It is easy to keep going into the work, covering up more areas and adding more elements. But I felt that these needed to stay intuitive. 

That's where the magic is! 

Above: 'Journey - X Marks the Spot 3' mixed media on paper on canvas 14x11" OEAlexander ©2017

A progressive journey 

I'll be continuing to work on the Journey series and it will develop and change as it goes along. 

It will be a journey in itself as I have a lot of ideas and thoughts to put onto canvas. 

Above: 'Journey - X Marks the Spot 4' mixed media on paper on canvas, 14x11" OEAlexander ©2017

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