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A New Studio, a new chapter

The past  month has been crazy! 

We put our house on the market, which sold in a few days, flew to Queensland where we found and bought another house, came home and started packing! 

It took me six days to pack up my studio and all my artworks, works in progress, and materials. 

Everyday I've packed, thrown out and cleaned. 

It's exhausting! 

This is what keeps me going... a lovely 6x6m2 insulated studio. All it needs is a few coats of paint, my hanging system installed and a few more lights. 

Then I'm ready to get the easels out. I've got lots of ideas buzzing in my head. 

I'm so looking forward to having my first opening day in my new studio and also running a workshop in the near future. 

I can't wait lol! 

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