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'The ‘Art’ of Collecting Art' - Part 1

by Olivia Alexander- first published on Artlovers Australia. As this is a bit long for a blog I've made it into two parts.

A beginner’s guide with easy tips to collecting art on any budget.

Please, don’t be intimidated by the term ‘art collector’.

You may think art collecting is for the rich and famous. Those with surplus funds who

collected the big names like Picasso, Warhol and Renoir, to name a few.

But actually, building an art collection is achievable for most people.

A home looks empty without art on the walls. Collecting original art is a great way to add character and your own special touch to your home or office.

In this article, I'll share some easy tips on how you can get started in the exciting world

of art appreciation and collecting.

Embracing the new art world opportunities

The past decade has seen huge changes in the art world. The internet has given us

access to online galleries, art studios and other art platforms worldwide.

Art galleries hosting exhibitions or, venues run by artists, Open Studios and art trails

provide even more options.

All these are opportunities in which we can engage with art and artists.

While big name artists may be out of reach for the average income, consider emerging

and mid-career artists. This a great way to collect some fabulous art from some

promising creatives. You'll also build a collection to be proud of.

It's all a matter of knowing what to look for.

Getting started

Although the options and choices can seem overwhelming here are some tips to make

it easy.

The Art Collector… which one are you?

• The investment collector,

• The ‘I Love Art’ collector.’

• and the ‘Art to match the sofa’ collector.

In this article we will focus on the first two.

Where to look for, and learn about Art

There are lots of options for finding and learning about art, which is a great idea if

you’re new to the ‘art game’.

Here’s some suggestions to get you started;

• Online Art Galleries, like Art Lovers Australia for example.

• Galleries; public and private

• Artist run studios or co-ops

• Local exhibitions, group and solo shows.

• Artists’ Website

• Art magazines and books.

• Museums

• Art Appreciation or art history courses.

Tip;Check the 'Theme' section in Part 2 for some ideas.

How to buy

Try to be open minded in your preferences.

Your tastes will change over time as you become exposed to more styles of art and

your knowledge grows.

Two basic tips to remember;

1. Buy what you love!

2. Buy what you can afford!

…I know, it sounds too easy. This is a basic and solid foundation for starting an art

collection. If you follow those two rules, you can't go wrong.

Now, let’s expand these a bit further in Part 2 of the 'Art of Collecting Art' where art collector and Gallery owner, Andrea Hope shares some of her tips PLUS get some ideas on what type of collection you want to build.

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