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Artrepreneur- A New Breed of Artist

By Olivia Alexander as published on CrowdInk Dec 2016

We’ve all heard of the term entrepreneur; someone who is a game changer,

innovator, risk taker, business owner. They see the gap in the market and plan

how to fill that gap.

Names such as Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Page the founder of Google, spring readily to mind and are but a few among the thousands.

‘Artrepreneur’ is a term we artists are hearing more and more; a new breed of

creative, an artist who is also business savvy and technology aware.

A combination of the business savvy attitude of an entrepreneur with the skill of

an artist or other creative.

The Good Old Days

In the ‘good old days’ the artist would work in their studio creating artworks

then take them to the galleries that represented them to sell. The gallery took

care of all the marketing and sourcing of collectors as well as hosting

exhibitions, while the artist took care of creating the artworks.

When the artwork sold, the artist would receive his or her payment minus commission.

It was a happy partnership and there are still a small group of artists that

enjoy that benefit today, but it is a small and ever decreasing group.

What’s brought this change?

With the growing world- wide web and online shopping, we have seen an

increasing number of commercial galleries closing their doors making it harder

for artists to find representation and venues to sell their works.

With this decline of ‘bricks and mortar’ galleries we have also seen a plethora of online

artists’ websites, social media pages, online galleries and blogs emerging.

With the internet bringing so many seemingly negative changes it also brings a

world of opportunity for those who embrace it and that’s where the artrepreneur steps in.

Is There Good News?

The good news is, you don’t need a degree in art or business to be an artrepreneur, just a determination to learn and not give up.

A change of mindset from the ‘starving artist’ to a business savvy creative can open a whole new marketplace for the artist and their art.

Embracing Change

In the New York Times Bestseller, ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Spencer

Johnson, four little characters, Hem, Haw and two mice Sniff and Scurry live in

a maze. Each day they go to the same part of the maze to find cheese to

sustain them but one day the cheese has been moved.

The crux of the parable is either they learn to start searching elsewhere for their cheese or they starve.

Some embrace change and succeed, some don’t.

A simple but very illustrative story.

Learning to Think Outside the Square

The new breed of artist; the Artrepreneur learns how to think ‘outside the

square’. They realize it’s about developing relationships with collectors,

networking, knowing the ‘why’ behind their work and add value for their


They become adept at marketing, money management, photography, writing,

sales, websites and many other skills. Multi skilling becomes their middle


It takes persistence and time but the rewards are there to be had.

Change is not always easy to embrace but if we can see it as opportunity rather

than loss, then we are halfway to succeeding.

You can read the article on CrowdInk here.

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