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What Is Freedom?

To each of us freedom may mean different things.  Freedom from debt, from danger or from ill health are all things we might wish for. 

As I was creating this miniature called Imagine 3, 

I thought about the idea of forgiveness being something that brings life. 

The act of forgiveness is not about letting the other person 'off' or excusing their behaviour. It's definitely not about pretending the situation or offence never happened or sweeping it under the carpet. 

I think the act of forgiveness, when we really let go,  makes US free to be alive.

The hurt no longer has its claws in us, but we can finally begin to move forward instead of being nailed to the past like one of those butterflies helplessly pinned to a board. 

Forgiveness sets us free! Finally.

I hope you will find the strength today to forgive, not for their good but for yours. Allow yourself to finally be free to be ALIVE! 

Have a fantastic week

Liv X 

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