The Dream's Not Dead, It's Only Sleeping.

'Chrysalis' 90x60cm mixed media on canvas.

Dream- "an aspiration; goal; aim; 

a wild or vain fancy.

Something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence."

Have you ever lost a dream?

I think most of us have, especially as we grow older and life unfolds. 

Sometimes things happen in our life; illness, brokenness and disappointment. We've all been there at some stage. 

It's easy to think that the dream we had is dead. We may think it's too late, I stuffed it up, I've lost hope. 

The dream is only sleeping 

But I've seen in my own life that sometimes the dream is only sleeping. It isn't dead. It can be revived. 

Perhaps a slight change of direction is what is needed, a slight tweaking.'s all about timing. 

A dream is also a vision.

People say "I have a dream" , yeh I know, I sound like the great Martin Luther King whose vision and dream stirred AND changed the whole world!

But, whether we realize it or not, we also have a vision for our own life and future. 

Our thoughts about ourselves build that vision each day. They can be good or bad but we build it. 

A dream keeps us on track

And most importantly, do you know what a dream/vision does?

It keeps us on track. It gives us direction and helps us make the right decisions.

If your dream is to become an Olympic athlete then you will train everyday, eat well and say no to the things that will harm your body. Your dream will keep you on track. 

A dream gives us direction and helps us live with purpose. 

I love that! 

 So don't give up on the dream, perhaps it's only sleeping

Liv X 

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