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Afraid of the Dream

Photo: OEAlexander 2016 My favourite place to dream, Windang Island, NSW

Sometimes when a dream is lost we can become afraid to dream again.

I remember being like that. It seemed that my dream could not be revived. I even felt foolish for dreaming it in the first place. That inner critic whispering in my ear, "Who do you think you are? As if you could do anything so great".

You know, those doubts and fears that we have. Sometimes they are echoes from childhood, things others have said to us in spite.

We may even think that dreaming is a waste of time but if we never have a dream, then we will never see it happen.

It starts as a little seed.

I dreamed I would one day exhibit in Paris...and I did. But if I had never dreamed it, then it never would have happened.


Have faith and courage to dream again. Revive those old dreams, dust them off.

These days most anything is possible but it starts within our own hearts.


Below: 'Gold in the Dark' Snippet 20x20x3cm mixed media, collage and gold leaf on canvas.

gold in The Dark Snippet
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