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Scars to Your Beautiful

Above: 'Bloom in Gold 1' Snippet miniature 15x15cm acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. OEAlexander 2016©

'Scars to Your Beautiful' by Alessia Cara is a song I heard when I was working out at the gym this week.

I loved the thought of this; that the scars we carry are what can make us most beautiful.

It's why I created the Gold in The Dark Project; to say that "yes", you may have scars but they can become something that liberates us and brings hope for other people as well, instead of being something that shuts out the life in us.

I believe that if we can become 'better not bitter' then we are on the way to healing.


It's not whether someone says we are beautiful, it's whether we believe we are that counts.

Beauty is a state of the mind, it's not the outward appearance which will eventually wrinkle and fade.

I hope you know that you are beautiful, scars and all. Don't be afraid to to let them show.


'Snippet of Gold 1' 18x13cm acrylic, gold leaf on canvas. Miniature. OEAlexander 2016©

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