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The Ever Changing Tide

This week I finished two new abstract expressionistic seascapes which I titled 'The Ever- Changing Tide 1 & 2'.

'The Ever -Changing Tide 1', mixed media on canvas. 14x11" OEAlexander©

Over the years I've spent many hours studying the ocean; her moods, movements, colours and sounds.

It changes moment by moment and is never the same each time I visit. Even the landscape of the beach changes with each tide and swell.

There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting on the rocks sketching the ebb and flow of the waves. Using an ink pen I focus on the surface of the water and draw the lace-like lines of foam upon the water.

I grew up by the ocean in South Australia, either in it snorkeling or riding my horse along the sand. Either way it has always held a fascination for me and I feel a sense of peace and freedom as I gaze across the waters to the horizon.

Now that I'm all grown up (at 55) I still spend summer mornings catching waves on my shortboard.

JMW Turner has been an inspiration for many years particularly the paintings from his later years that became more abstract and impressionist in style.

Turner was known to have been strapped to the mast of a ship during a severe storm so that he might better experience and visualize how the ocean looked during a storm at sea.

I hope I develop even half his understanding and interpretation of the ocean in my work. I know I will never grow tired of studying it. OEA

The Ever Changing Tide 2', mixed media on canvas. 14x11" OEAlexander. Copyright 2016

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