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Silent Auction


Transforming Lives through Art

My name is Olivia Alexander, and I am a professional abstract artist dedicated to producing works that bring life and inspiration.


As part of my mission, I am currently auctioning off a stunning painting, SEIZE THE DAY, to raise money for a deserving community project making a huge difference in the Philippines.


I carefully crafted every stroke of the brush to create a piece that not only looks beautiful but tells a story.


I hope that by supporting my work, you will be a part of the change we need in this world.

You can see my Bio and CV in more detail at the bottom of this page.

Please read on to find out more....


Presence Philippines

A Community of Hope and Love

Presence Philippines, dedicated to building a thriving community that is focused on helping those in need.

We are building in the Lumina district of Lucent city. 

Lumina is an area where the people have very little. A common issue for families is choosing which of their children will go to school.

Addiction and hopelessness affect the area, and our church will be a huge support for the community.


We offer various programs to support women and families, feed and teach children, and shape men and youth into leaders.

The church Youth, Men’s and Women’s groups are providing practical support and help for families, as well as regular visits and outreach in schools and communities.

Currently, our outreach Presence Kalinga (Care) is active in the community, feeding and teaching over 120 children, over two locations every Saturday.

And, our children's church is the biggest gathering of children in that part of the community every Sunday.

Our goal is to bring people closer to God, and our passion for creating a caring and compassionate community is at the heart of everything we do.


Join us on this journey today!

Presence Philippines, an Assembly of God Church

Get Inspired

About the Artwork and how the Silent Auction Works

Seize the Day!

With its vibrant and captivating hues,

'Seize the Day' is a beautiful painting

that captures the essence of a new beginning.

This piece portrays the beauty of sunrise, and the newness that each day brings.  

Auction Reserve: $1100

Artwork Details

76 x 60 x 3cm (30x24”) original, mixed media on paper/canvas.

Textured surface with my signature technique featuring ink, charcoal, watercolour and acrylics on 300gsm paper fixed onto canvas.

Ready to hang, no frame or glass needed so all the beautiful colours and texture can be seen.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticy.

Free delivery to the Gold Coast area,

Shipping & packing costs apply elsewhere.

Seize the Day_Olivia Alexander .jpg

Above: Seize the Day in situ setup, if framed. No frame needed.

Above: Times Square, New York, September 2023

 How to Bid & What Happens Next


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The World as Seen through My Canvas

When I create art, it's about capturing and expressing beauty. I do it by connecting with the natural world and allowing it to inspire me. I'm captivated by the colours, sounds and ocean rhythms. Intriguing landscape textures and naturally forming designs in nature and the emotion that this evokes.


This inspires me as an artist and so my art is a celebration of the beauty of the created world!

I use multiple layers of mixed media techniques and textures, transparent pigments in acrylic, inks or watercolour and sometimes gold leaf, to create depth and intrigue. For me, art is about adding beauty to a space and connecting with the viewer in an emotional context.


It’s a combining of the visual story between myself, the artist and the response of the viewer. 

I believe art has the power to heal, uplift, and inspire!


Olivia Alexander is a contemporary artist who was born in London but grew up in Australia. It was there she found a passion for the rugged coastal landscapes and oceans that are now her artistic focus.

In 2001, she pursued an artistic career and undertook nine years of art training, eventually specializing in mixed media.

Olivia uses unique techniques in a combination of acrylics, inks, watercolours, mineral pigments and gold leaf to create paintings in contemporary abstract. Her aim is to capture the spirit of the ocean and coastal landscape using an alchemy of design elements and formed compositions in nature.

Since 2012, Olivia Alexander has received over 10 international awards. Her latest prestigious award being a *diplôme médaille d’Argent* (silver medal) from the Société Académique of ART SCIENCE & LETTRES - Paris, in recognition of her art career, on 16 October, 2022.


Olivia’s artworks are owned by private collectors in many countries and since 2003, she has exhibited or represented by galleries and curators in cities such as Paris, New York, Chicago, Rome, Bologna, Sydney, Kolkata and Singapore, to name a few.

She works as a professional artist from her Gold Coast art studio in Queensland, Australia.

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