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When Heaven & Earth Collide
  • When Heaven & Earth Collide

    183 x 90 x 3.5cm mixed media on stretched canvas.
    Wide open sea... rising, falling. The tide swells building to a crest.
    White foam, like lace bubbling and swirling around my feet.
    Sun on fire melds into the horizon as ocean and red hot sky become one. Heaven and earth collide on a summer's evening.
    To capture the true emotion I painted mainly without brushes, only bare hands and palette knife. Layers began with pencil, graphite, inks followed by acrylics. See photos for close ups.
    NB Overseas shipping: Artwork is removed from stretcher bars and shipped rolled in a tube to prevent damage or buckling during international shipping. 
    Painting will need to be re-stretched by a framer at buyer’s expense. 
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