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The Lagoon 1
  • The Lagoon 1

    Original, 76x76cm acrylics, inks on canvas. Areas of iridescent colour, beautiful bright ocean blues and teals with implied textural areas. It’s ready to hang, one of three in a series.
    The Story:
    On one of my trips to Italy, I visited Naples and the Island of Capri. During my visit I had the thrill of a trip around the island in a speed boat. This exhilarating ride was interspersed with glimpses into the rock caves and lagoons.
    One lagoon was particularly spellbinding. The water was crystal clear but with a turquoise glow, the light reflected off the water on to the cave roof above, setting shimmers of silver dancing across the rough textures.
    Marine creatures of all types darted through the water, tantalizing us with glimpses of mauve and silver reflected upon their opalescent scales.
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