Original 56 x 76cm mixed media on 300gsm Arches paper. Unframed but can be fixed to canvas at buyers request.

The Story;

Recently I was at Elephant Rock at Currumbin and I took shelter out of the rain under a rocky outcrop. I could feel the vibrations and rumblings of the ocean under my feet like a brooding volcano, waiting to erupt.

“As the rain began to fall she sought shelter under the sandstone cliffs that ran along the ocean edge.From her hiding place she observed the turquoise water move hungrily towards the rocky shore.Above the ‘silence’ around her , the echo of the ocean reverberated beneath her bare feet, rising up through the rocks like a heartbeat.She watched and listened to the pulsing tremor of the sea beating out in time with her own heartbeat. All the while, the white foam bubbling and rolling as the tide moved in.As she looked out over the energy of the sea and it’s constant echo, still she is filled with a peace. An unexplained stillness in her soul, a calmness of spirit; a knowing that everything will fall into place....” Will frame up to approx 80x100cm.

The Echoing Sea

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