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  • Passages

    Original , 61x51cm (24x20”) acrylics, pencil, graphite on stretched canvas, ready to hang. 
    Passages- painted during lockdown, in this abstract piece I’ve been exploring the concept of ‘life passages’ by using shapes  and line. 
    Life is full of stories and chapters ; some good but some difficult and at times traumatic. Think about 2020! 
    We develop passages to get us through these times. Ways of looking ahead and finding a way through. 
    In this painting I used bright colours (as I focused on the positives of life) from my own tropical garden and the Queensland landscape to inspire my colour palette. 
    With my favourite music playing I allow my intuitive side to explore Mark making in an expressive way. 
    You can read about Creating Abstract art on my Atelier Blog at
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