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Glistening Tides 5
  • Glistening Tides 5


    Mixed media & gold leaf on 300gsm Arches paper, Mounted on 30x30cm canvas , ready to hang,

    Sealed with archival varnish, UV stabiliser and protectant.


    As I walk barefoot along the waters edge the sea has a chill to it that belies the heat from the sun and it makes my toes tingle.

    It’s nice to feel alive!

    I comb the beach and  watch the water swirling in the sand making Little pools and eddies,  carving shapes and lines into the surface. The sun glistens on the sand reminding me of flakes of  gold.

    These beach walks have been the inspiration for this new series called GLISTENING TIDES.

    I hope they take you into happy memories of beach combing and summers swimming  in the ocean.

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