ON GOLDEN WATERS original, mixed media on 76x60cm stretched 3.5cm deep edge canvas.
In the mid 1890's my Great Grandfather, Alexander Morrison left the shores of bonny Aberdeen in Scotland. A pioneer, he sailed across the oceans to Australia in search of gold and a new beginning.
Incorporating the colours and rhythms of the ocean, gold minerals and using the concepts of Kintsugi, that is hope and healing I have created this new technique featuring imitation gold leaf, layers of watercolours and ground pigments.
Fibres and charcoal pigments create an intriguing texture in the first layers. It has a double chromatic effect which changes with the direction of light.
I love the concept of art helping us to heal. Whether we are a creator ourselves , or one who loves and admires the creations of artisans. Every work I create has a piece of myself in it. I always hope to uplift and inspire others through my creations.

Awakening Light

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    As seen on
    7th Showcase Winner,
    Mixed Media, 2016
    International Competition
    2nd Place Winner Aug 2010

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