"Capturing the Spirit of Ocean & Earth.

Let my art take you on a journey into the hidden beauty of Nature."

Deep earth reds of outback Australia, the sunlight dancing on turquoise waves and golden sands of tropical Queensland or the naturally forming lines, textures and colours in rocks and cliffs of the world's coastlines.


International Awards

Olivia is a multi awarded artist and is a recipient of Bronze and d'Etain Medals from the Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters, Paris.

Also, the Medaille d'Argent from the International Academy of merit - France to name just a few.

You can read more about Olivia's art career on the Bio page.


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Client Testimonials
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"Hi Olivia, we purchased one of your pieces about 12 years ago from a small gallery in the Kangaroo Valley in NSW. It is called Sunrise over the Escarpment (I think!).

I just wanted to pass on that it is still one of my husband's and my favourite possessions.

We just love the colours and life it brings to our home.

Anyway, this is a totally  random message but I thought you may like to hear that your work is appreciated daily!

Kind regards, Bernie."


"Olivia's paintings are so wonderfully attractive and captivating. She paints in the most vivid colours and interesting abstract forms which perfectly describe her subject and match the beautiful colours and shapes of nature so well. It is a joy to live with her work and wake up to admire each morning."

Ron D. UK

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moon over the stormy ocean with boat in foreground by Olivia Alexander