"Capturing the Spirit of Ocean & Earth in an alchemy of
experimental textures,colour & composition"

Olivia Alexander is a professional artist based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She has worked as an artist for almost two decades and has exhibited and sold her art worldwide.

Olivia is the recipient of multi international awards including Bronze and Pewter medal Diplomas from the Paris Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters and a Silver medal diploma from the French International Academy of Merit.

Why and what I paint

 “The Natural world captures my imagination. The rich, red sand of outback Australia, the azure blues of the ocean near where I live,  or the naturally forming lines, textures and colours in rocks and cliffs of the Australian coastlines.

These are what inspire me to paint!

My style?  Expressionism through to pure Abstract.


 I don't paint realism, but rather an expression and microcosm of what I see in nature  captured into abstract naturalism.

Naturally formed textures, rhythms, pattern and colour are what I look for and the materials and the layering of specialized and experimental mixed media techniques reflect this. 

Combinations of inks, watercolours, acrylics, loose pigments and sometimes,  Gold leaf create an 'alchemy' of intriguing textures and effects in subtle layers that create depth in each original painting."


Olivia Alexander


Ebb & Flow_Alexander.jpg

Ocean Alchemy in Gold

Client Testimonials

"Olivia's paintings are so wonderfully attractive and captivating. She paints in the most vivid colours and interesting abstract forms which perfectly describe her subject and match the beautiful colours and shapes of nature so well. It is a joy to live with her work and wake up to admire each morning."

Ron D. UK

“I was fortunate enough to acquire one of Olivia's pieces that spoke to me personally. In it, I saw my own struggles and triumphs, and it continues to inspire me years later each time I see it. There is a kind of ethereal light in her work that shines through no matter the subject or colors; this light comes from an emotional place rather than a coloristic or compositional effect. I believe this is the reason it emanates from all of her work: because her creativity and artistic passion radiates from herself.”


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moon over the stormy ocean with boat in foreground by Olivia Alexander

At my recent solo exhibition opening, Wild Indigo Sea on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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7th Showcase Winner,
Mixed Media, 2016
International Competition
2nd Place Winner Aug 2010

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Mob: +61(0)411 197 254 |Em: olivia@oliviaalexanderart.com